AKC Breeder Symposiums: A Valuable Educational Opportunity for All Breeders

Attending the new AKC Breeder Symposiums offers both new and experienced breeders the opportunity to learn and grow in their skills.

The AKC Breeder Symposiums were initiated to provide a supportive environment for all breeders, regardless of their level of experience.

The concept began when the AKC Breeder Development and Kennel Inspections teams came together to brainstorm ideas for the future of purebred dogs.

Erin Myers, AKC Project Analyst, shared, “I had seen similar educational models at grooming trade shows and realized that other industries offer unique trade show classes for education and inspiration. We wanted to create a multi-day event that would be well attended and provide excellent networking opportunities.”

The first AKC Breeder Symposium took place in January 2023 in collaboration with the International Kennel Club of Chicago (IKC). The event consisted of two classrooms running concurrently over three days. Myers explained, “We carefully selected speakers to cover a wide range of topics beyond just health, ensuring a comprehensive curriculum for attendees.”

Speakers at the first symposium included Dr. Marty Greer, Eddie Dziuk, Dr. Gabbi Baers, Dr. Heidi Kellihan, Kathy Rust, Dale Martenson, Laura Reeves, and Dr. Claire Wiley.

The success of the inaugural event led to a second AKC Breeder Symposium in July at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows in Texas. This event also featured two classrooms running simultaneously over three days with speakers such as Dr. Kirk Esmond, Dr. Fran Smith, Eddie Dziuk, Kathy Rust, Dr. Claire Wiley, Dale Martenson, Allison Alexander, Dr. Kelley Thieman, Matt Stelter, and Rachel Goldammer.

The upcoming AKC Breeder Symposium on October 13th and 14th in Columbus, Ohio, promises another enriching experience for breeders. The schedule includes a lineup of experts in various fields related to breeding dogs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and connect with fellow breeders at the event in Columbus on October 13th and 14th. Regardless of your level of experience, you are welcome to attend!

For more information and to register, click here.

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AKC Breeder Symposiums: A Valuable Educational Opportunity for All Breeders