Allan Lets Loose: Harnessing the Power of a ‘Count to Ten Moment’ for Polite Dog Show Behavior

Those of us who love dogs can be quite passionate. We deeply care about our dogs and every aspect of the sport, from breeding to health to showing. When faced with criticism, it’s important to remember proper dog show etiquette.

Learning to take a moment before speaking is key. It can make our experience in the sport more enjoyable and maintain a positive environment. Just as we are skilled at grooming our dogs, practicing restraint is equally important.

Many situations in the dog show world can trigger an emotional response. But if we had taken a moment to hold back our words, conflicts could have been avoided.

Offering Critiques to Exhibitors

When you see a new exhibitor with a dog that may not meet your standards, it’s best not to offer unsolicited critiques. Criticizing the dog in front of others will not showcase your expertise in the breed standard. Instead, it may alienate fellow exhibitors and discourage the owner from participating in future shows.

We should aim to welcome newcomers to the sport. A better approach would be to introduce yourself to the exhibitor, offer grooming tips, or suggest a more suitable show lead. Your kindness can go a long way, and you may even inspire them to consider your future litters for their next show dog.

Providing Feedback to Club Volunteers

Show-giving clubs are always looking to improve their events. While volunteers can handle constructive suggestions, it’s important to approach them with care. Voicing complaints on social media about the event or volunteers won’t lead to productive changes.

If you have suggestions for improvement, consider sharing them politely with the club in a post-show meeting. Remember, volunteers are vital to the success of dog shows, and they deserve our appreciation and respect.

Handling Disappointments with Stud-Dog Owners

When a breeding doesn’t go as planned, it’s important to handle disappointments gracefully. Making negative remarks about the stud-dog to the owner is unnecessary. Remember that breedings can be unpredictable, and it’s best to focus on finding great homes for the puppies.

Respecting Judges’ Decisions

While you may not always agree with a judge’s decision, confronting them is never appropriate. Remember that entering a dog show means accepting the judge’s opinion for that day. Stay respectful and professional in all interactions.

Engaging with Reporters

When speaking to reporters, it’s important to represent the sport positively. Assigning a club publicist to guide reporters around the show can result in a favorable news segment. If approached by a reporter unexpectedly, redirect them to the show chair or seek out the club publicist for assistance.

By practicing restraint and treating others with respect, we can all contribute to a more positive and enjoyable dog show community.

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Allan Lets Loose: Harnessing the Power of a ‘Count to Ten Moment’ for Polite Dog Show Behavior