Chihuahua Rescued and Earns Over 40 AKC Titles

Ivy the Chihuahua may be small, but she has a big heart and a remarkable story. Saved from a dumpster as a puppy, this eight-and-a-half-year-old dog from Rockford, Illinois, is a multi-talented pup. Owned by Jennifer Walker, Ivy has achieved over 40 titles as an AKC Therapy Dog and canine athlete.

Bringing Ivy Home

In 2014, Walker and her husband, Bill, weren’t planning on adding another dog to their home in Roscoe, Illinois. However, during a visit to a local animal rescue, they came across three puppies found in a nearby dumpster. One of them, named Rose, captured their hearts, and they decided to bring her home.

Photo courtesy Jenn Walker
Ivy at 12 weeks old.

After renaming her Ivy, inspired by a character from “Downton Abbey,” Walker enrolled Ivy in the AKC Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program and started her training. Ivy quickly excelled, earning titles in Obedience, Therapy Dog, and canine sports.

Helping Others

Ivy’s friendly nature, small size, and love of people made her a natural fit for the AKC Therapy Dog program. She visited patients at a medical center and brought smiles to many faces. However, in 2019, Walker noticed that Ivy needed a change, and they transitioned to dog sports like Fast CAT and Agility.

Photo courtesy Jenn Walker
Ivy shows off her Chihuahua-sized sunglasses.

Ivy’s New Adventures

Ivy’s involvement in dog sports like Fast CAT and Agility opened up new opportunities for her and Walker. Ivy excelled in these activities, becoming the first Chihuahua to earn an FCAT title and a Master Agility Champion title. Her confidence and determination have made her a standout competitor in the field.

Walker and Ivy continue to enjoy adventures together, from RV trips to bike rides and trail walks. Ivy’s playful and adventurous spirit shines through in everything she does.

Photo courtesy Jenn Walker
Ivy and Jennifer Walker pose with judge Dale Mahoney after earning a MACH1 in November 2022 at a Medallion Rottweiler Club event at the Forest City Dog Training Club in Loves Park, Illinois.

Ivy’s achievements continue to inspire others and showcase the potential and agility of Chihuahuas in various dog sports. She is a true example of resilience, talent, and joy in the canine world.

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Chihuahua Rescued and Earns Over 40 AKC Titles