Common Questions New Puppy Owners Often Ask

Have you completed all the necessary preparations as a new puppy owner? From choosing the right breed to puppy-proofing your home, you’ve done it all. Now, with a responsible breeder, you’ve got your puppy and are ready to embark on this exciting journey. As you marvel at your adorable new companion, you may have questions about being a pet parent.

One common concern is why your puppy may not like being picked up by your kids. Children may not understand the cues dogs give when they’re uncomfortable. It’s essential to educate them on reading dog body language and proper handling techniques.

Leaving your puppy with someone else while on vacation can also raise questions. As long as you trust the caregiver and provide necessary items, your furry friend will be fine and eager to see you upon your return.

Why Does My Puppy Attack My Clothes When I Get Dressed?

If your puppy plays rough while you’re getting dressed, it may be seeking attention. Avoid engaging with them during this behavior and calmly redirect their focus until they learn not to interfere with your routine.

What Do I Do If My Cat Doesn’t Like My New Puppy?

If your cat doesn’t warm up to your puppy, monitor their interactions and intervene to ensure a peaceful coexistence. It’s crucial to advocate for your cat and prevent any unwanted play or chasing.

The Vet Said Not to Take My Puppy Outside, But Now They Have to Go Potty!

While it’s essential to follow your vet’s recommendations, taking your puppy outside for potty breaks is permissible. Just avoid high-traffic dog areas until they have completed their vaccinations.

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Common Questions New Puppy Owners Often Ask