Emily Johnson’s journey into dog sports began with a quest to find a canine companion that could keep up with her active lifestyle. After working with different breeds, she settled on a Belgian Tervuren named Helo, who is now 5 years old.

Despite facing challenges due to Helo’s diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy, Johnson and Helo have persevered as a team. Helo competes in seven dog sports and has achieved titles in all of them, with Flyball being his favorite.

Photos by Courtanie

Managing His Symptoms

Despite the challenges posed by Helo’s condition, Johnson, Helo’s breeder, and veterinarians have worked together to find ways to manage his symptoms and continue his participation in dog sports.

Omaha Speed Racers preparing to run Flyball
Altitude Dog Photos, LLC – Dana Nichols

Keeping With Sports

Helo’s love for Flyball started at a young age, and he has excelled in various dog sports, including Agility, Obedience, AKC Rally, and more. With the support of the Omaha Speed Racers team, Johnson and Helo continue to push boundaries and enjoy their time together in competitions.

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