Dog Breeders’ 2023 Resolutions

Wow, it’s already mid-December! Where did 2022 go? Time seems to be flying by this year. Looking back at 2022 and ahead to 2023, I’m excited to see all the amazing things that have happened and will continue to happen.

Giving Back: In December 2022, AKC Reunite donated its 50th lifesaving AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer. On Nov. 22, 2023, they donated the 100th trailer to Honesdale, PA! AKC Reunite has also awarded more than 200 grants totaling over $2 million for the Adopt a K-9 Cop program, providing funds for police departments to purchase K-9 police dogs.

Stay Fit: Walking with my dog has been a great way to stay active and bond with my furry friend. It helped me lose weight, and it improved the behavior of dogs in training. Plus, it’s a fun way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Be Prepared: Don’t forget to enter your dog in the AKC photo contest with the theme “Dogs In Action.” Submissions are due by Feb. 1, 2023.

Make Each Season Special:

Fall – Remember to watch out for snakes when doing outdoor activities. Pumpkins make great toys for dogs, and don’t forget to use pre-emergent to prevent weeds.

Winter – Make sure to have pet-safe ice melt and anti-freeze. Consider buying weather-resistant dog toys for outdoor play in the snow.

Spring – Enjoy the beauty of the season, but be cautious of plants that are toxic to dogs. Keep chocolate and dangerous plants out of reach.

Summer – If your dog enjoys water activities, make sure they are safe and comfortable. Consider participating in water rescue tests if you have a Newfoundland.

Stay Connected: Send holiday cards to elected officials to advocate for a healthy and happy 2023.

Have a safe and fun year with your dog(s) as you enjoy all the activities 2023 has to offer!

Stacy Mason is a Senior Breeder Field Representative for the American Kennel Club.

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Dog Breeders’ 2023 Resolutions