Giving Eye Drops to Your Dog: A Step-by-Step Guide

Administering eye drops to your dog can be a challenging task, but it is essential for treating various eye issues. It is crucial to use the right technique and potentially train your dog to cooperate. Dr. Jerry Klein explains why your dog might need eye drops and offers tips on how to successfully give them.

Why Your Dog Might Need Eye Drops

Dr. Jerry Klein outlines the different canine health concerns that may require treatment with eye drops, such as infections, inflammation, abrasions, ulcers, glaucoma, and dry eye. Depending on the condition, your dog may need eye drops temporarily or for the rest of their life.

Senior Golden Retriever receiving eye drops at the vet.
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How to Administer Eye Drops to Your Dog

Dr. Klein recommends specific steps for successfully giving eye drops to your dog. These steps include preparing the medication, holding your dog’s head steady, creating a pouch in the eye for the drop, and avoiding contact with the eyeball or skin. It is essential to praise your dog for their cooperation afterward.

Tips for Giving Eye Drops to Small and Medium-Sized Dogs

For smaller dogs, placing them on an elevated surface like a grooming table can make the process easier. This allows you to have better control over their movement and keep them still during the procedure.

German Spitz sitting on a grooming table at a dog show.German Spitz sitting on a grooming table at a dog show.
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Tips for Giving Eye Drops to Large Dogs

For larger dogs, it is best to keep them on the ground and follow specific positioning techniques to administer the eye drops effectively. Dr. Klein explains how to position yourself and your dog to ensure successful application.

Training Your Dog to Accept Eye Drops

Training your dog to accept eye drops can make the process easier and less stressful for both of you. Dr. Klein recommends being confident, avoiding force, and using positive reinforcement to train your dog to cooperate willingly.

German Wirehaired Pointer getting petGerman Wirehaired Pointer getting pet
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With the right approach and training, giving eye drops to your dog can become a stress-free experience for both of you. If you need more information about caring for your dog, visit

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Giving Eye Drops to Your Dog: A Step-by-Step Guide