Important Safety Tips for Dog Owners During Big Game Season

Prepare ahead of time to ensure your furry friend stays happy and safe during game day gatherings with family and friends. Here are some tips to help you care for your dog during these events.

Avoid Dangerous Snacks

Many typical game day snacks can be harmful or even toxic to dogs. Keep foods like chicken wings, macadamia nuts, ribs, fried chicken, avocado, chocolate, and grapes away from your dog to prevent any health issues. Make sure snacks are out of reach and supervise your dog to prevent them from accessing food on countertops.

Keep an Eye on Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is toxic to dogs, so be cautious about where you place your drinks. Avoid leaving them on low surfaces where your dog can reach them to prevent accidental ingestion.

Be Mindful of Marijuana

If marijuana is being used at your gathering, ensure it is kept out of reach of your dog, especially any edibles that may contain marijuana. Be vigilant about preventing your dog from accessing these substances.

Consider Your Dog’s Stress Levels

Hosting a party can be stressful for dogs, especially those who are not used to having guests around. Be mindful of signs of stress or discomfort in your dog, and provide them with a safe space to retreat to if needed.

Supervise and Redirect Behavior

During the excitement of the game, keep a close eye on your dog for any signs of stress or over-arousal. If they become overwhelmed, give them a break in a quiet place. Keep them leashed to you if necessary to redirect their behavior with treats and toys.

Teach “Go to Place”

Train your dog to go to a designated spot in the house when guests are over. Use positive reinforcement to encourage this behavior and provide them with a safe and comfortable space away from the commotion.

Create a Safe Space

Consider crating your dog or setting up a quiet room where they can relax during the party. Provide them with a chew toy or stuffed Kong to keep them occupied and offer breaks from the excitement.

Remember to prioritize your dog’s well-being and comfort during game day gatherings to ensure a happy and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

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Important Safety Tips for Dog Owners During Big Game Season