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Jingyi Shao Bio

Jingyi Shao, born in Shanghai, China, and reared in the suburbs of New Jersey, found that storytelling was a way to reconcile his often-conflicting ethnic roots. Jingyi, or Jing as his friends call him, is a film enthusiast who enjoys both old Hollywood films and arthouse films from across the world. He is also an artist who seeks to include a variety of inspirations and cultures in his works.

It is not just a celebration of Variety for him. Still, it also reflects his fundamental conviction that cinema is the ultimate medium through which eyes are opened, hearts are filled, and souls are nurtured. In the hopes that his works will encourage audiences to be more interested, not only about the world but also about themselves, he hopes that they will inspire audiences.

Jing debuted as a writer and director with Chang Can Dunk in the feature film industry. A coming-of-age sports comedy that follows an ambitious but foolish youngster who makes an impossible basketball bet to earn his friends’ favor, Chang pulls John Hughes, popular in the 1990s, into the era of social media. Before it was taken up and developed as a Disney+ Original, the screenplay for the film was ranked second on the 2020 Black List.

The film Chang was released at the beginning of 2023 and received positive reviews from both the New York Times and Variety. Additionally, Jing was included on the list of directors to watch in 2023 that was compiled by Variety. The movie has also been considered for two Emmy nominations in the category of Children and Family. It was via directing commercials in China for international companies such as Levi’s, Johnnie Walker, and Cartier that Jingyi Shao got his start in the film business.

Despite this, Shao knew he would ultimately go into narrative filmmaking. In 2020, one of his scripts achieved the highest possible position on the Black List, and he was shortly on his way to a pitch session with Disney. This script culminated in the Chang Can Dunk production, which debuted on the streaming service Disney+ earlier this month. Additionally, Shao oversees the creation of projects for both Netflix and AmazonAMZN +1.1% alike.

Chang, an Asian-American high school student who is 16 years old and participates in the marching band, is the protagonist of Shao’s film. Even though he is only 5 feet 8 inches tall, Chang makes a wager with Matt, the school’s most talented basketball player, that he will be able to dunk when homecoming rolls around. Bloom Li, Dexter Darden, Ben Wang, Zoe Renee, and Chase Liefield are some of the actors that participated in the production of Chang Can Dunk.

In the new coming-of-age film on Disney+, Chang Can Dunk, a simple attempt to dunk a basketball transforms into a voyage of self-discovery for a young adult. Chang seeks the assistance of a brilliant underdog to coach him after he has made a wager with the school’s basketball star that he would be able to dunk by the time homecoming rolls around.

In addition to serving as the film’s writer and director, Jingyi Shao is the producer of the picture, Rishi Rajani and Brad Weston. In addition to his work on Chang Can Dunk, his first feature film, Shao, has contributed to several short films, such as Toenail and Lee’s Market. There are several notable actors in the primary cast, including Bloom Li, Dexter Darden, Ben Wang, Zoe Renee, Chase Liefeld, and Mardy Ma.

“Chang Can Dunk” follows Chang, a high school student who is Asian American and 16 years old. He is a marching band member, and he bets with the school basketball star that he can dunk when Homecoming rolls around. The chance sends the 5’8″ Chang on a mission to locate the hops he needs to immerse to win the attention and admiration of his high school classmates and please Kristy, the girl he has a crush on.

However, for him to stand up and genuinely throw one down, he will need to reevaluate everything he knows about himself, including his family, friends, and relationships. Disney+ will be the only platform where “Chang Can Dunk” will debut on March 10. Within the news that was made public about Jason Bourne 6, it was also disclosed that Damon is now in negotiations to resume his role as the former CIA assassin. Unfortunately, the actor has yet to formally commit to appearing in the film as of the time that this article was written.

Jingyi Shao Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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Jingyi Shao Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details