Great Danes are not typically known for their love of water or swimming ability, but Millie the Great Dane breaks that stereotype. This gentle giant, affectionately called ‘Marmaduke’ by the veterans she visits, has a passion for swimming and retrieving.

Owner April Whitson from Blountville, Tenn., introduced Millie to the joy of swimming, taking her to diving dog competitions despite the breed being uncommon in such events. Starting off as a nervous young dog, Millie soon discovered her love for the water and excelled in the sport.

Discovering the Joy of Swimming

Despite being larger than most other competitors, Millie’s love for diving dogs is unmatched. She eagerly anticipates each event, trembling with excitement until it’s her turn to jump. Dock Diving is her favorite activity, even though she also enjoys weight pull and Fast CAT.

Big Dog, Small Pond

Though Millie faces challenges due to her size, such as creating stability on the dock and dealing with the cold water, she continues to excel in the sport. With jumps averaging 23 feet and a personal best of 24.5 feet, Millie competes in Masters, Senior, and Elite competitions.

Gentle Giant

Aside from her diving dog activities, Millie lives on a farm with Whitson and other pets, including horses, Border Collies, and a Biewer Terrier. Despite her size, Millie’s best friend is the tiny terrier, showcasing her gentle nature with all animals.

Join Millie and Other Diving Dogs

If you’re interested in getting involved in diving dog competitions, visit NADD for more information. Water-loving dogs like Millie can enjoy the sport and earn titles recognized by the AKC through NADD competitions.

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