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Nisha Madhulika Bio

There are 13.8 million people who follow Nisha Madhulika on YouTube, making her a well-known figure on the platform. She is a restaurant consultant in addition to being a cook and a recipe developer on YouTube. Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Times of India, and Dainik Bhaskar are among the publications to which she contributes her cookery pieces regularly. She is an adept in the preparation of Indian food. In this article, we get further knowledge on the life and career of Nisha Madhulika.

Aged 67 years It is clear that Nisha Madhulika is a lady of vision. She tied the knot at a very early age, and for her whole life, she had the desire to do something remarkable. Even though she was a mother of two children at the time, she dedicated her time to raising her children to provide them with a better life and assist them in accomplishing their objectives.

She has been successful in fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, but then she discovered that she was lacking something inside herself and that something was her passion. She took the digital revolution in such a good way that she began sharing her recipes on her website and began filming videos on YouTube. She had a great deal of assistance from her son, but before that, she desired to realize her aspirations.

At this moment in time, we are living in a digital environment. a point in time when social media become an essential component of everyone’s life. This change has made possibilities available to people of all ages and backgrounds. One of these names is Nisha Madhulika, and she is a lady who is 63 years old and has a devoted following of 13.8 million people on YouTube. A housewife, a mother, and a homemaker, she has made a remarkable journey from being an ordinary lady to being a social media celebrity. Her path is worthy of praise.

The fact that she was helping her husband out with the company did not change the fact that she was dissatisfied with her employment. Her children reached adulthood and went on to succeed in their chosen fields. A disease known as empty nest syndrome was causing her pain.
She decided to keep herself occupied by establishing a website where she could publish cookery blogs, and that turned out to be a huge success. WordPress is something that she has become familiar with and has begun to handle on her own.

Later on, however, she realized that managing the WordPress website by herself requires a lot of effort since she has more than one hundred recipes to maintain. We are unable to determine the reason why she never hired somebody to do this task; it is possible that individuals were not accessible at that time in the same way that they are available now. This woman, who is fifty years old, can administer her website on her own and has learned how to use WordPress. She deserves praise for her unwavering commitment.

Following the tremendous success of that endeavor, she decided to keep herself occupied by establishing a website where she could publish cuisine blogs. Nevertheless, because she has more than one hundred recipes, she found that managing the WordPress website by herself became a difficult task. Later on, in 2011, she decided to establish her very own channel on YouTube. When she first started, the reaction was quite sluggish; but, she did not give up, and eventually, her videos began receiving millions of views every month, and her subscriber count approached three million.

At the moment, she is on the list of the top 10 YouTubers in India. You can achieve success at any stage in your life, and she has shown that age is nothing more than a number. In 2012, she was the recipient of the title of “Recipe Queen of India.” In addition, she was awarded the title of best chef on YouTube in the year 2014. Since Nishal is a leading content developer in the field of cuisine, he was given the honor by YouTube.

The professional path of a YouTuber has evolved into a viable option over the years. The majority of YouTubers who are today followed by millions of people all over the world began their journey with a modest setup and the desire to communicate their ideas to the rest of the world. Some of them might help you choose the appropriate cuisine for your New Year’s celebration, while others can motivate you to go on an adventure throughout the globe.

In the huge world of Indian YouTube video producers, Nisha Madhulika has established a name for herself as a prominent figure. Nisha, who just became a YouTube phenomenon with an astounding 14 million followers, began her career as a humble teacher. However, she was fortunate enough to make a discovery that ultimately led to her fame. Nisha Madhulika, who was 54 years old at the time, started her website in 2007.

Approximately halfway through the year 2011, she created her channel on YouTube. Her ability to create recipes with components that are easily available has earned her a lot of praise. Her channel now has more than 2200 videos that she has posted to it. Her inclusion in the coffee table book YouTube Top Chefs was a new development since she is one of the most well-known chefs on the Internet.

When Nisha was younger, she was dedicated to providing tutoring services to children from low-income families. However, after discovering a blog about cooking, she found that her passion for the culinary arts had been refreshed. In response to the chances that presented themselves, she made a change of direction and launched her culinary blog, which was the first step in her revolutionary path.

Nisha Madhulika Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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Nisha Madhulika Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details