Professional Equestrian Competes with Beauceron ‘Lundi’ at National Obedience Championships

If you have a well-behaved and eager-to-please dog, you might consider taking them to the Obedience ring. After meeting certain qualification criteria, your dog could receive an invitation to compete at the national level. One of the participants at this year’s 2023 AKC National Obedience Championship is Lundi, a Beauceron.

Lundi, a tall black-coated dog with red feet and the herding instincts of a Border Collie, is owned by Kelley Norred, a professional equestrian. Norred needed a dog who would keep her company while working in the barn at night and could also act as a protector on her farm in Florida.

Norred’s Journey with Lundi

In 2015, Norred brought home Lundi, who is known for her sweet temperament and intelligence, making her suitable for various dog sports. Despite her imposing appearance, Lundi is a social butterfly who gets along well with people and other dogs.

Kelley Norred

Despite her versatility, Lundi excels in dog sports, particularly in Obedience and AKC Rally. Under Norred’s guidance, Lundi has achieved multiple titles and continues to excel in various disciplines.

Lundi’s Skills and Achievements

Lundi’s journey in dog sports started in 2016 with Novice Obedience and has since progressed to achieving her UDX title, a remarkable feat for a Beauceron. Apart from obedience, Lundi has also excelled in Barn Hunt and Dock Diving, showcasing her versatility and adaptability.

Kelley Norred

Norred’s experience as a horse trainer has influenced her approach to training Lundi, focusing on a balance of discipline and enjoyment to keep her engaged. This approach has been instrumental in Lundi’s success across various dog sports.

Life with Lundi

Outside of competitions, Lundi enjoys various activities like car rides, walks, and playing in the pool. She also assists Norred with her horses, showcasing her herding instincts and protective nature.

Kelley Norred

As they prepare for the 2023 National Obedience Championship, Norred and Lundi continue to train diligently, aiming to showcase their skills and enjoy the experience together.

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Professional Equestrian Competes with Beauceron ‘Lundi’ at National Obedience Championships