Bulldog named ‘Star’ takes home Best in Show trophy

Kevin Mason, a former college student at Florida State University, chose a Bulldog image to hang in his dorm room during his final year. Little did he know that years later, he would have a Bulldog of his own. Fast forward to 2022, Mason, along with his wife Natalie and daughters Holly and Morgan, attended the AKC National Championship in Orlando with their Bulldog named “Star” (GCHG CH Cherokee Legend Encore).

Competing among 5,376 dogs in Conformation, Star impressed the judges and audience by winning Best of Breed, Non-Sporting Group, and ultimately, Best in Show. Her remarkable achievements, including 18 Best in Show wins, have solidified her reputation as an exceptional Bulldog in the show ring.

A Rising Star

Star’s success didn’t happen overnight. After earning her championship and whelping a litter of puppies, she returned to the show ring with handler Dennis O’Connor. Her wins at prestigious events like Morris & Essex Kennel Club and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show showcased her undeniable talent and beauty.

Described by judge Desmond Murphy as the best Bulldog he’s ever handled, Star’s unique qualities and showmanship set her apart in the ring. Murphy’s expertise in Bulldog breeds further emphasizes Star’s exceptional attributes.

Photo by Vicki Holloway (C) AKC
Non-Sporting Group winner: GCHG CH Cherokee Legend Encore, a Bulldog known as “Star,” owned by Alaina Moulton, Kevin Mason & Natalie Mason of Glen Rose, TX and bred by Cody T Sickle, Sherry Hazelett, Connie A Chambers.

Linking Up with “Mr. Bulldog”

Mason’s journey to owning an accomplished show dog traces back to his admiration for Cody Sickle, a renowned Bulldog breeder known as “Mr. Bulldog.” Meeting Sickle and acquiring his first Bulldog set the stage for Mason’s involvement in the Bulldog community and eventual ownership of Star.

Primetime Special

After a hiatus from the show ring to start a family and career, the Masons reconnected with Sickle and welcomed Star into their lives. Star’s lineage, combined with Mason’s dedication and passion for the breed, has culminated in her remarkable success as a show dog.

Bully for Bulldogs

Star’s triumph at the AKC National Championship not only highlights her individual achievements but also dispels myths about breeders parting with their top dogs. The Masons’ experience exemplifies how dedicated owners can contribute to the success of exceptional show dogs like Star.

As Star continues to shine in the show ring, her legacy serves as a testament to the beauty and grace of Bulldogs, with her victories adding to the breed’s stature and recognition.

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Bulldog named ‘Star’ takes home Best in Show trophy